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The CytoCleanse System


cytocleanse.pngTOXINS are fat loving renegades that enter and/or accumulate in your body causing severe neurological and cellular dysfunction and disease. Some everyday toxins include:

• Heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic)
• Environmental contaminants (petroleum by-products, insecticides, herbicides)
• Biotoxins (toxins produced by living things such as mold, infections and parasites within and others outside the body)


It is impossible to avoid these toxins because they are located in your home, your work place, and in your body!


Research also states that proper or True Detoxification of certain toxins has improved and reversed these conditions!


TRUE DETOXIFICATION occurs in two simple steps:

cytocleanse.png1. Unloading the toxins from your body - ClearDTX
2.  Binding the unloaded toxins in the intestinal tract to prevent re-absorption by your body for safe and permanent removal - CatchDTX.A few of the current popular detoxification programs may, at some level, promote detoxification "Step 1" in the body. However, most of the toxins recirculate back into the body, never to be removed. We call this process Retoxification or "Retox".

          Toxins from everyday external exposures or internal detoxification processes.
          Toxins are brought to the liver and bind to bile.
          Bile containing toxins is dumped into the intestines where it is reabsorbed causing retox.

cytocleanse.pngClearDTX was designed by a team of world-renowned doctors following years of research to contain the most scientifically accurate and complete detoxification system available on the market today. ClearDTX contains a proprietary blend of amino acids, fatty acids, and herbals that gently work synergistically with your body's own internal detoxification system to remove toxins stuck to the cells and promote and restore the cell membranes. This allows toxins to flow out and nutrients to flow in. TRUE DETOX can ONLY OCCUR at the CELLULAR LEVEL!

Preventing Retox: Bile, a greenish fluid produced by the liver, acts as a magnet in which toxins are collected. Bile is re-absorbed and recycled back to the liver for future use in the digestion process, poisoning the body again and again by the VERY SAME toxins that the body is trying to eliminate. This is the purpose of the simple yet critical "Step 2" of true detoxification, and CytoCleanse is the only detox system to offer it with ClearDTX.

cytocleanse.pngClearDTX contains a blend of activated carbon that avidly binds both bile and unloaded toxins while supporting the intestinal tract for fast, safe, and permanent toxin excretion. This process STOPS the devastating effects of toxins in the body's cells and organs and the disease processes caused by toxins can reverse naturally and safely.

•    Contains a complete combination of ingredients to clear toxins from the cell for proper, safe, permanent detoxification and healing of cellular membranes
•    Prevents re-absorption of toxins into the body at the source of uptake by binding bile and toxins, thus eliminating Retoxification
•    No dangerous side effects that are frequently seen with stimulants and other weight loss and detox supplements
•    Curbs cravings while significantly lowering blood cholesterol levels and caloric uptake
•    Removes resistance to weight loss by correcting irregular leptin levels due to toxicity
•    Corrects hormone imbalances that control physical, mental, and emotional health
•    Complete oxidative/antioxidant support and increases cellular glutathione (#1 antioxidant and detoxifier)


Experience the power of true detoxification with the CytoCleanse detoxification system, the ONLY cellular & TRUE detox on the market today.